Stella's Art Expressions      

One woman's Expression of her spiritual awakening.
Stella's Musings

  The Game
Man and woman

No mater the time

or how much wine

Ponder how to capture

the King and Queen

or each other

Never quite

Figuring out The Game
is never the same 
Playing alleviates dismay
Puts things in perspective
And makes you wonder
What was so serious anyway
Curl up and hide in the dark
Under the warm soft blanket
Thinking,thinking about
Whether or not to come out
You can put it up
Take it down
Twist it
Stroke it
Tease it
Shave it
Wave it
Straighten it
Curl it
Color it
Cut it
Lose it
Can I have that thing
Where did I put that thing
You can have some of these things
This thing is really bugging me
I have a great thing about that
Such a convenient lazy word thing is...
Now,what a thing to say!
Spiritual Unification
joined as one
snuggle within
each other to
share their dreams