Stella's Art Expressions      

One woman's Expression of her spiritual awakening.
A Bit About Stella...
Stella retired September 2008 as a Human Resources  professional of 30 years and  is now pursuing her passion for the expressive arts  full time.

Her gift from the universe began emerging in 1977  and  every few years after that a drawing or two would appear.  She  was journaling her thoughts and  writing  poetry  from her high school years.  Her artistic endeavors also include writing children stories.

In 1989, Stella began drawing colored paintings in her dreams and the next day she would spend hours finishing the painting as she saw it in her dream... This continues till this day although her works are also images inspired from photographs and what she sees and feels around her.

Self taught, her works are modern and of the abstract. She worked under the artist name “EJ” in the pastel medium on paper for 12 years, working with her fingers and hands.  She then moved to acrylics on canvas with brushes and changed her art name to Stella. Stella, always though, still uses her fingers and hands in each painting to be one with the painting.

Words became a very meaningful  part of her visual expressiveness as each drawing  is really a hidden story that comes from a real experience that she has  seen, interacted with  or felt.

Expressive Art offers Stella her own place for quieting the mind, where she can refocus and rest from the concerns of everyday living.  Stella is not a risk taking personality but with her art she sees no boundaries created by fear.

Stella’s husband Evans, their two children, George and Stacy, Stella’s mother Lillian, her siblings, and her extended family and friends serve as the catalyst and guiding force that gives Stella the courage to venture forth and continue her artistic passions.

Stella’s works have been shown in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida and many of her works are in private collections.

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks"