Stella's Art Expressions      

One woman's Expression of her spiritual awakening.
Art and Words by Stella
I invite you to share my reality...

A few words from Stella,

For me, without my art there is no self.

My belief is that everyone is an artist and everyone has the ability to find and know what their art is. It upsets me when someone learnsĀ  that I am an "artist" and says, "I can't draw a thing." The gift of art goes way beyond what we have learned to envy.

Just maybe you have a sense of humor that brings laughter to others, a type of glamour that excites the senses in others, a vitality and enthusiasm that others draw from, a sense of composure and quiet that soothes the souls around you, a caring soul to help others in need or just exuding happiness with the ability to live in the moment. Life isn't always good but with the knowledge that you use the special gifts given to you, life can be better.

Art is going outside of oneself and surviving and finding a way to make it to the next day.

So what you see here i
s the gift I accepted. The more still I am the more the gift emerges. Step off the treadmill of life once in a while.... and accept any change as a chance to create something new for yourself and your life.

Thank you for visiting.

Be Well,